Focus Systems


The risks of an information society can be controlled.

Creating new solutions based on cutting-edge ICT is the Focus Systems way. This is typified by our Information Security business that control information risks, which are inevitable in today’s world where people of all kinds are using IT environments. In addition to supplying our own security products, we provide a wide range of support, such as incorporating security functions into customers’ systems, and so forth.

Cryptographic Technology

Information assets have become digitized in line with the technological innovations and the spread of the Internet, which has exposed them to various risks. Based on the cryptographic technology expertise we have cultivated over time, we have developed total security that protects customers’ information assets by leveraging state-of-the-art products and technology.


With the spread of SNS and the digitization of content, the content business has flourished, and the protection of digital content has become more and more important. In response to these social needs, we offer digital watermarking (aquagraphy) and a range of other copyright protection solutions.

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