Focus Systems


The place for information services that provide all the people and technology you need.

In the 1990s, in the context of the increasing sophistication, size, and networking of systems and the explosive growth of the Internet that accompanied the increased scope of computer use, a high level of IT use came to be a necessity. Given these circumstances, Focus Systems expanded the nature of its business, going from a “company commissioned to develop systems” to a “general information services company.” Today, we have established an integrated system that covers everything from information system-related consulting to development, operation, and maintenance.

Infrastructure Design/Building

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Focus Systems handles design and building for everything from infrastructure such as hardware environments, networks, OSs, and middleware to application software development in rapidly evolving open systems.

Technology Support Activities

Focus Systems supports the building of environments for customers who require cutting-edge technology by providing support to technical staff, such as resolving problems with hardware environments, networks, OSs, and middleware, improving hardware performance, and so forth.

Operational Support Activities

Focus Systems addresses task-related problems and customer requests relating to manufacturer software and implements recovery measures in the event of malfunctions, including hardware. It provides technical support by phone via a help desk and operating system development support through the provision of technical capabilities.

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