Focus Systems


Creating systems as platforms for business.

In the 1980s, having identified the growth potential of the communications market and established our own technological capacity before other companies did, Focus Systems expanded our communications control software development business and rode a wave of growth in this area. We then started building government-related systems such as financial accounting systems. Having steadily established a strong track record, in recent years the company has moved into the financial sector. Today, through the development of these systems, we continue to maintain stable, long-term business relationships with major customers such as leading communications and finance companies and government offices.

Public Sector

One of Focus Systems’ distinguishing characteristics is our extensive track record in the field of public systems that support society, such as government-related systems. We have worked on many systems requiring a high level of reliability and deep understanding of tasks, such as tax and finance systems, labor and social insurance systems, health insurance systems, trading distribution systems, and airport and traffic control systems. Through the development of these systems, our stable, long-term business relationships with major customers such as leading companies and government offices have become a foundation of our business.

Communications Network Sector

Since our founding, Focus Systems’ strength has been the communications network sector. Through developing various networks, we have established business relationships with prominent communications-related companies. We develop firmware for communications control equipment such as cell phone base stations and routers and gateways essential to the Internet.

Embedded system

With the technology developed through the control development of information and communication equipment such as mobile phones and smart phones, we are engaged in contract development of embedded software such as car electronics, digital cameras, medical terminals, and wearable devices. Our technology is built into various places in daily life.

Business applications

We propose, develop and maintain solutions for Web applications and Cloud applications that use groupware such as the shared system platform intra-mart, and ERP products, bringing business improvement and greater efficiency to match customer environments in a wide range of industries.


We offer IoT solutions featuring beacon products such as our own FCS1301 and Timbe. In that context, we are striving to enhance our corporate brand by expanding the field of IoT through the leveraging of the technologies and broad perspectives that we have cultivated from our long experience, such as the utilization of embedded control technology and communication technology.

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