Focus Systems


Focus Systems’ Approach to CSR

The foundation of Focus Systems’ approach to CSR is assisting the realization of a sustainable society through our employees’ harmony and unity and also through our core business of systems development and IT technology.

Top Commitment

Since our founding in 1977 as an independent system integrator, Focus Systems has contributed to systems building and software development in fields that strongly impact society, such as the public sector, communications, and information security. We believe that there are an infinite number of things that we can do in order to contribute to realizing a sustainable society by taking advantage of the technology and know-how that we have accumulated in these fields and helping to solve social problems.
Particularly because our industry has its own unique features, employees are a truly invaluable management resource and asset to us. Today, when a wide variety of problems regarding employment have been brought into relief, we would like to consider social changes positively, thereby contributing to solving social problems.
Moreover, we will further strengthen cooperation not only among our employees, but also with customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders, fulfill the three responsibilities indicated as our management visions, namely “Individual Responsibility,” “Corporate Responsibility,” and “Social Responsibility,” and develop into a company that can contribute to establishing an even better future environment toward the next important milestone of our 50th anniversary.


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